The Creative Works of Ian D. Campbell

Family Ties

I’ve recently been traveling more frequently to my hometown, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA, due to my mother’s failing health as of this writing. As I grow even closer with both my mother and father as they continue to age, I find myself fulfilled, wise, disciplined with impressive self-control each and every time I visit. When I […]

Amusement Park

As the rain season begins, I seek rebirth. From grayness and wetness, we can grow – transform and spring forth into a fresh renewal filled with promise. As the days grow longer and the nights shorter, while we can thank the moon goddess for her emotional wisdom, it is now time for the sun – […]

Wrestling Tournament

And once the spark ignites a passionate fire, the intertwining of two bodies, two spirits become a slow dance under the Moon Goddess. Our mutual desires are not only quenched by a connection of the flesh, but also a uniting of the spirits. The lips become the primary method of communication. The eyes, windows to […]

An Exodus

Wanting bliss, but its more numbness to hide the darkness and to truly understand what is the dark about the darkness. My passion feels misguided chasing less of the things that bring a different kind of joy, an organic, not manufactured joy. Today I give myself grace as well as self-forgiveness for it is forgiveness […]