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I’ve recently been traveling more frequently to my hometown, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA, due to my mother’s failing health as of this writing. As I grow even closer with both my mother and father as they continue to age, I find myself fulfilled, wise, disciplined with impressive self-control each and every time I visit. When I return to my current residence (St. Paul, Minnesota, USA), however I notoriously crash and fall into a pit of emotional despair; the shadow side consumes me, and I attend a daily pity party of shame and negative self-talk. My present immediate social circle where I live is made up of either acquittances or closer friends, yet they and I are on different emotional paths, both of which exhibit co-dependent behaviors, enablement, and little hope for exoneration or change. This tears at my heart, a loneliness pierces sharp darkness into my spirit light self.

I’m learning, through professional psychological help along with a natural 3rd eye enhancer, to accept the fact that my parents are mortal. Soon my mom will pass into her next journey, and I will be the caretaker of my aging father, who is thankfully, at present, in relatively good health. Eventually, he will also pass into another realm continuing his permanency. I will be parentless, at least in the physical sense. So, in preparation for that, I recall, a source of wisdom from many spiritualists, soul brothers/sisters is that one can, and should parent themselves. Do not wait until they leave their flesh, parent yourself today, right as you read this!

How does one parent oneself? Well, I have a boomer “vanilla” family structure with two heterosexual, married for 50 years, monogamous parents. But in 2024, what amazing colors and varieties of families that can love each other, their offspring, should they choose in many, many different ways.

So here goes: feminine and masculine are natural occurring energies connected through moon (emotions) and sun (intellect). Of course, there are far more attributes and star points then I have time to share here. What I mean is regardless of family structure, the gender you wholly express, your organic sexual orientation, you have at least had a mother and a father figure. Perhaps as diverse as a female mentor and teacher (a lesbian auntie and her wife for example), and a birth father, but born from surrogacy from an egg donor separate from the host mother, who is also a mother figure for the child.

So, the mixture and maturity of our DNA continue, but think of the opportunity, regardless of your connection to the Divine Universe to tap into The Queen and King WoMan of the Kingdom of God. So, your birth mother may be a narcissist, or even more to the extreme a physical abuser of their child. Still, that child would not survive without one who identifies as female caring for them. Mother Mary and Father God are joined together for eternity and harvesting their energies can cure our loneliness, care for us, warm us, feed us, prepare us for crossing into our next, unpredictable, promised, exciting and scary lives of permanency.

Cheers until next time and speak to your queen mother and king father soon.

Ian D. Campbell