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Wrestling Tournament

And once the spark ignites a passionate fire, the intertwining of two bodies, two spirits become a slow dance under the Moon Goddess.

Our mutual desires are not only quenched by a connection of the flesh, but also a uniting of the spirits. The lips become the primary method of communication. The eyes, windows to the heart, all ingredients in an episode of organic passion.

The stare, no the gaze, before the lips meet, to scan the level of desire and the physical and metaphysical become one, a priority during the dance of mutual nudity. And not just naked in the flesh, but the spirit, exposed and raw, drawing in the light between two people.

And the joy that ensues! It encapsulates endless smiles, pleasures, and an erotic and intimate comradery.

These dancers, entwined in each other’s arms wrestle to a finish that is unmet.

The desire, the craving, and the hunger, can yet another bite of flesh satisfy?

And I position myself as the mutual ignitor of this flame, heart racing and all, I plunge into the cool waters of your iris.