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Welcome to my photography page. I’m proud to share my collection with you which I’ve culminated over the past 25 years. When I first started I used a 35mm film exclusively, then in 2012 I went digital. 


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I love taking portrait photos, either individual, group or family. The camera is a beautiful way to capture the essence of who we are.

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Weddings & Commitment Ceremonies

Photographing weddings and commitment ceremonies has been a real pleasure over the past several years. A couple celebrating their love with family and friends should be remembered through stunning photography.

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Digital Photography

I started down the DSLR venture back in 2012 and have since upgraded to a mid-professional level Canon Rebel t7i. I can’t say I’m a fan of Photoshop as I come from the days of film, but as you can see the Canon takes vivid color and monochrome (black and white) images. 

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35mm Photography

My first camera was the official camera of the 1980’s Winter Olympic Games – the Canon AE-1 35mm. My grandmother had the same camera which I also inherited, along with a plethora of equipment including the coveted and expensive Tamrand lens. 

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