The Creative Works of Ian D. Campbell

British Love Affair

This connection, So fast and furious. The train is non-stop and so is my heart. Beating ever so Gently for your love. With wine, music And dinners that Ignited us. Into each other.

State Fair

Southern Bell Was I and You my soldier, or so I thought. I believed in One Nation And you spoke to me. The love I invented. Lost you were, In the midway. A circus of ideals.

Iris Pool

The anticipation of Not knowing If my fantasy of you Is being relieved. To taste and touch you and then share my flesh with yours. Hoping for an expected Ironic disposition of a Holy archetype. I try to rid myself of This mutation—a handicap All too familiar. I lose myself In your eyes and I […]


Waters of time pass beyond the barrier now. Presented with the greatest task known to man. Hiding beneath the shadow of an ancient demon. My words follow circumstances preventing rapture. Into her soul can I feel myself merging— But yet am told it is too early—but maybe too late. Crazy sounds I hear round about […]

An Exodus

Wanting bliss, but its more numbness to hide the darkness and to truly understand what is the dark about the darkness. My passion feels misguided chasing less of the things that bring a different kind of joy, an organic, not manufactured joy. Today I give myself grace as well as self-forgiveness for it is forgiveness […]